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Score seems wrong

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Re: Score seems wrong

elvigy wrote:

All this is good to know. Yes, it is my EQ score that I'm monitoring on here. And I always thought it was a little "off" since my TU Fico score (from Barclaycard) is 783 even though the information is roughly similar. An almost 40 point difference. My EX score is also pretty high, though I don't have a recent one. It was in the 790s a couple of months ago.


So the EQ score I get from here is significantly lower than the other FICO scores I have access to.

Hey thanks for more data! Have you ever checked your TU score on MyFICO? That one is 98. The EX one here is 08 so that one should be similar to the one you get from Barclay's since its essentially the same scoring model calculated using slightly different credit report (TU vs EX mostly just inquiry difference for most people).


I'm starting to understand the difference between 04 and 08 more but was curious about 98. I'm not sure if I even need to learn about that one becasue I've never seen any lender use it recently. Perhaps everyone is either using 04 or 08. Most of my recent pulls were 08 btw.

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