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Score won't budge!

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Score won't budge!

I am new to the FICO forum and SCOREWATCH. I have been closely monitoring my credit score for over 1 year now and have seen minimal increases in my score. I pay all my bills on time, I only have 3 credit cards with limits of $900.00; 2500.00; and 950.00. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Can you please give me some advice? My goal is to buy a house by the end of the year but not with my current score. My goal is 760. Is it true that I should leave a small balance on my credit cards once a month?

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Re: Score won't budge!

Hi, tish, I can't find the original post by Ishmael, but I'll try to jump in.

What is your score now, and which score is it? (EQ-Equifax vs TU-TransUnion vs EX-Experian) And I assume that it's a FICO score, bought here, and not a FAKO.

Look on screen two of your FICO score report. What are the negatives, and what are the positives? These can be very useful in figuring out where you need to go.

What baddies are on your reports, and how old are they?
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Re: Score won't budge!

Ideally, you want your balances to report less than 10% of the CL. If your score still doesn't move after doing that, them maybe there are bad items on your CR that need to be removed.
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