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Student Loan Question

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Student Loan Question

I have a student loan with a 7.25% rate. I constantly get offers from my credit card, as most of us probably do. The latest offer is giving me a 4.82% fixed rate for the life of the loan. So, should I use this offer from my credit card to reduce my interest rate or will that adversely affect my credit rating. I have literally zero credit card debt and as far as I know, my credit is strong. I do not have an actual number because I haven't checked it in over a year. The basic issue is whether or not transferring this student loan to a credit card is a good idea or a bad idea. Thanks.
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Re: Student Loan Question

Do whats going to save you mney.  Is your loan federal?  If so it may not be such a good idea.  In hard times, the Feds give you a way out, the credit card companies don't.  I like that little safety net myself.  If my business suddenly goes down the tubes a deferment or forebearance is just a phone call away.
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