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The Truth about Credit Card Utilization

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Re: The Truth about Credit Card Utilization

@MWGardener19 wrote:

Hi Jamaica,


Apologies that I did not notice in our prior interaction your impressive total CL. That is a BIG number.  


Can you share how long it took you to go from 200-600? Aside from apping and CLIs, what insights, suggestions, and lessons learned do you have for others with regard to your journey (do, don't do, do sooner, etc)?


Thanks in advance!

I probably made that leap in about a year, but I wouldn't recommend the

aggressive credit-seeking which helped me get to that point.


Since you ask, my advice would be:


1. avoid hard pulls and new accounts

2. don't add accounts too quickly, and don't add accounts at all unless the card would really add something

3. avoid store cards

4. avoid subprime cards

5. try to cultivate relationships with credit unions instead of banks


Total revolving limits 639500 (558000 reporting)
FICO 8's EQ 710 TU 733 EX 717

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