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Transunion and Experian

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Re: Transunion and Experian

ARM wrote:
This is understood. And you confirmed that mortgage lenders use all three FICO scores to determine creditworthiness, regardless as to what algorithm is used by Transunion and Experian, which, according to them, Vantage is the one of choice, right? In order words, you pulled identical scores from the bank and this website (at least two times), the all three scores were identical.

ARM, I think that you are still mixing up the FICO models and the Vantage scoring systems. The FICO algorithms that are used by the three CRAs go by different names: EQ (Beacon), EX (Fair Isaac), TU (Emperica). Vantage is something different altogether. All three scores that you get from are FICO scores. All three scores that your mortgage lender pulled are FICO scores. Vantage has nothing to do with any of them. Vantage is something that TU & EX have collaborated on and are trying to gain acceptance. The lending institutions have not bought into this model and are comfortable with FICO.
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