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Two different Experian scores?

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Two different Experian scores?

I was looking into refinancing a car loan as I contunue to rebuild my credit from a Sept 2011 BK. I signed up at TOS and my experian score was 636. I then found this site and my Equifax score is listed as a 659. I thought that seemed high to me but I have had been paying on my car one time for a year and I have one credit card that has never been maxed out and never late. So I applied for a refi loan at lending tree and was turned down by openroad lending. In their decline letter they showed my experian score as a 567! So why the wide variety of scoes and how can I know what scores are legit?

Starting Score: 659
Current Score: 659
Goal Score: 850

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Re: Two different Experian scores?

You can not purchase a consumer friendly Fico Experian Score so that score is an internal generated score by Experian. Your TU score from here is based on an older Alogrithm of Fico. Many lenders now use Fico 08. Fico 08 does not factor small unpaid medical bills so scores are highter. All in all there are 49 Fico scoring models and countless proprietary models in use. The bottom line is to follow one major Fico score or one FAKO score and continually bench your advances/improvements against it.

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