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Why is Credit Scoring so Confusing?!

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Re: Why is Credit Scoring so Confusing?!

Good to know, iv.  I had never heard of any of those scoring models, likely because like you said they aren't relevant.

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Re: Why is Credit Scoring so Confusing?!

Well the main reason is that we’ve had a few decades of algorithm development and refinement. As Fair Issac and other companies gain more insight into how people use, mess up, and recover their ability to borrow, the Score calculations become more sophisticated. Any given score model has to be applied to massive amounts of data, and is used to make millions of credit recommendations. Putting one of these algorithms into use is not a small task, and one of the sellling points to the banks is a certain level of accuracy, consistency in what the score will tell the bank. You don’t go making changes to an existing model that customers (banks) expect to work a specific way.

Instead, a new scoring algorithm is developed, tested, and offered for banks to adopt. The bank then has to migrate its credit analysis protocols to the new model, and makes that investment with the understanding the model will not change.
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