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are there "tiers" of utilization?

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Re: are there "tiers" of utilization?

This is from FICO website for score estimate:


9. What percent of your total credit card limits do your credit card balances represent?

I have never had a credit card
0% to 9%
10% to 19%
20% to 29%
30% to 39%
40% to 49%
50% to 69%
70% to 89%
90% to 99%
100% or higher
I think these can be considered general thresholds for FICO scoring.
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Re: are there "tiers" of utilization?

@gdale6 wrote:

@tonyjones wrote:

Here is a chart! You always want to stay between 1-20%.


This appears to be from CK and that would apply to the Vantage score. It is not defiinite for application to a Fico score.

Wrong. This is a general chart, it applies to FICO and Vantage. It does not discriminate. You always want to be under 20% for Individual and Overall.

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