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hello all!

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hello all!

I recently received my equifax credit power score through equifax on 10/30 which was 669. On 11/10 (yesterday) a creditor pulled my report through equifax and it reflected a 657 which their guideline was you needed at least a 660. The only thing that I am for sure happened in 10 days is that a mortgage company closed/transfered to another lender in the amount of 164k reviewed for over 24 months. I did also check my reports through a monitoring service I have with Truecredit, which I am under the impression that it is a soft inquiry and does not impact your score. My other 2 files with Tranunion & Experian are consistently at 690 - 712. Does anyone have an idea why a 12 pt difference in my score in a such a short period of timwe which ultimately led to a dissaproval! I have excellent credit according to the other 2 files but equifax is continually lower! In addition, 1 week before I opened an online dispute through equifax concerning my score and 2 inquiries that I requested to be removed that were unauthorized by me. I also plan to call customer service tomorrow morning or since I am in Atlanta, drive down to equifax if they entertain personal visits. Any information,advice, or suggestion anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Like many others, I work hard to preserve my good credit, but equifax's low scores are absolutely hurting me! Also, how much does an inquiry really affect you? Enough to drop your score considerably? Thanx! babbles
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Re: hello all!

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