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"Unknown" status

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"Unknown" status



My mortgage has some "unknown" status on it with TU, but I have paid on time every single month.  With Experian and Equifax, I don't have unknown status and my scores is in the mid 600. But with TU, my score is 577. Does this affect my credit score?

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Re: "Unknown" status

Did the report come from a credit monitoring service like TrueCredit or another 3-in-1 service? If so, ignore the status. I have loans reporting that show "Unknown" but in my FICO report it says "paid as agreed". Also, ignore the scores if they came from the same source as none of them are FICO scores.

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Re: "Unknown" status

I ran the report on TU came up with a score of 577 and Equifax gave me a score of 676. I'm just wondering why the big gap.....

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Re: "Unknown" status

Hello.  You got your TU score from here at MYFICO?  If you do, it's a FICO and that means something is UP for your TU - that's too big of a gap to just be "normal."


If you haven't already, get copies of all your reports from "" and either print them out or save them to your computer for future reference.  These are hugely important to credit rebuilding bc they contain more dates and info than what you can get here.  (Score good here, report not that good but could be worse)...I digress.


Anyway, there is something on TU that is holding you back and you need to find out what it is.  It is very likely a very recent collection or major derog of some kind like a late payment (or worse).  It takes a lot to lose 100 points, from what I've read around here, at the score range you are at.  Now someone at the top 700's or even 800's could lose 100 points pretty easy, but not where you (and I ) are at.

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Re: "Unknown" status it. I mentioned that because you said that your Experian was in the 600s. You can't buy your EX FICO from anywhere anymore, though a lender and some banks and CUs can still provide it for you.


Ditto. That is a big gap. One sign is pos/neg factors on the 2nd and 3rd page. Look also in the Glance page. Your scores will never match, but if baddies are reporting on one and not the other it'll give you an idea.

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Re: "Unknown" status

The unknown status is not hurting your score. Unknown means most likley the MOP field at TU is zoer or blank most likley zero. MOP manner of payment. Form your description is should be a value of  1. One means current. Call TU and find out what the value is and see if they can correct it.



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Re: "Unknown" status

Thank you everyone for their input! VERY helpful. I will definetly look into the issue and difference between the reports! =)

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