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score Increase

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score Increase

I went from 650 to 672 all bc I paid $124 balance though it was closed account. I'm hoping the other payments I've made will help my score too. I should be down to 3 car ds with a balance. I also hit 3 months. So I'm thinking ill hit 700 when my new accounts hit 6 months.
Cards: CSP $5k, Capital One Cash Rewards VS $3100, Discover it $3k Capital One MasterCard $600, Orchard Bank $3k, Barclays Rewards MC $1250 Gapcard $900, BR $300, Neiman Marcus $1k, Macys $1200 Walmart $500
In the garden until I can get a BCP

Starting Score: 534
Current Score: 682 EQ SW 660 TU 636 EX 3/26/13
Goal Score: 720

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