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Welcome to the myFICO® Forums

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Welcome to the myFICO® Forums


Welcome to the myFICO® Forums


myFICO® provides the myFICO® Forums as an educational and entertaining platform for people to share their credit knowledge and personal financial experiences with other members of this online community.


myFICO encourages you to visit the myFICO Forums often to read and participate in discussions about such credit and personal finance concerns as:

  • Understanding FICO credit scoring
  • Using myFICO products
  • Credit reporting
  • Applying for credit
  • Resolving financial difficulties

We at myFICO believe that through credit education and by taking greater individual control of personal finances, people are better able to achieve the financial goals that will help to enrich and fulfill their lives.


We hope you enjoy the myFICO Forums!


-The myFICO Team

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