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Credit card Pictures in signature files

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Credit card Pictures in signature files

Can someone please provide the most recent link on how to add cards to signature area. I followed a link from four years ago and it's not going well :-(

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Re: Credit card Pictures in signature files

The link you refer that is 4 years old still is the best guide for adding images to your signature but there have been updates that are reflected in later posts towards the end of the thread.  Most importantly two things have changed.  First, unless you upgrade Photobucket to a $399/year plan they do not allow 3rd party hosting so your images will not appear.  You need to use an alternative image hosting site like  Secondly, the HTML code needed to add images to your signature requires both a width and height setting, typically 40 or 50 for both.  Hope this helps and I'll be glad to assist you further if needed but you definitely need to host the images somewhere other than Photobucket.

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