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Forums Slow to Load?

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Re: Forums Slow to Load?

mod-moose wrote:

laz98 wrote:

Oh no, you went to Chrome!  Aaaaaaaahh!!!!  Smiley Very Happy


I don't really like Chrome that doesn't work with any of my plugins.  I found it pretty hard to use.  I uninstalled it after a week or so.  I kind of wish I had never installed it, because now I get a script error all the time that says it's related to Chrome, & it makes me shut down my Firefox.

Yes.....I went to the dark side!  Smiley Very Happy  I really don't know that much about browsers, but I wonder if any of your issues are related to the uninstalled Chrome?  

I really wonder....I wish I knew some tech-savvy people to ask.  Around here, *I* am the tech-savvy person.  Mostly that script causes me headaches when I'm using Facebook, but I don't know how to get rid of it, & Google wasn't much help.

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