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Help !!! why are my post disappearing?


Help !!! why are my post disappearing?

I tried three times to post. first error I got was my post was flagged as spam. The third time it said there was a html format error. It was my first post. starting over as a new member. Its kind of annoying. now my profile says I have 3 post but when I scroll down and click recent contributions nothing is there. What am I doing wrong? 

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Re: Help !!! why are my post disappearing?

If the post was fairly long, or required a lot of editing while you were writing it, it could have caused it to be flagged for spam, or triggered an error.


As a precaution, you can write your post in another program, then copy and paste it here. Or, you can write it here in a post then copy it before your hit the "post" button  so if it gets flagged, or an error, you can simply paste your copied text into a new post... 


I've reached out to the mods to see if they help you recover your lost post.

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