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Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?

New Contributor

Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?

I've had forum posts that are concerning different subjects (applying versus getting approved for example) merged when other posts like it from others were never merged. 

Seeing this makes me feel as if my posts here are not welcomed. 

Please feel free to DM me if you'd like me to stop posting on this forum and I'll go elsewhere. 


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Re: Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?

I'll also add that the last merge was so lazily done the title and first posts of that submission make no sense being in Approvals.


The least they could've done was put more than 5-seconds of effort into properly merging it.

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Moderator Emeritus

Re: Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?

I am no longer a moderator, but a retired one.  Let me give you my two cents as can't speak for this particular situation, but know how it all works.  Basically it appears you had a question initially between two cards the venture or venture x or something along those lines then later you posted your approval of the venture x in the approval section likely it appears.  So now we have a post that was left alone on the venture or venture x likely in the application section of the forum.  Two things could be done this could of just been locked as you were approved fro the venture x in the approval section as question is no longer relevant as approved and choice was made or the merge of threads which appears to be the case.   I am not sure really why you are so upset.  It is all about keeping the forum as clean as possible and the flow as clean as possible and not to confuse other users etc.  W/regards to title being changed, sure that can be done, but that also takes time on a volunteer job and can even make it more confusing if titles were changed.  I think your best course of action is to communicate with moderators as they don't byte through a personal message vs. posting your dissatisfaction on the open forum.  If you are to read the TOS of the forums one thing is questioning moderator actions in public which is a no-no.  I suggest reaching out to them why they did what they did.   I would advise this course of action as likely to get alot more out of this method vs. what you are doing here by calling out something that you are displeased with.  Hope this helps.  Honestly the moderators aren't picking on any individual we are just responding usually to what other people report to us to keep toe forum fluid.  Best of luck and hope this helps.  



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Re: Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?

The issue is that people (including myself) spend time drafting, screenshotting and formatting these posts for them to be merged (at least in my case) in a way that is confusing to those reading it. 

If the goal were to keep things clean, I'm not sure how having a post with a question as the title and the first 4-5 posts as questions in the approval section makes sense. 

I've almost exclusively seen posts locked if there was an answer before approval, the way this was merged was a mess.

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Re: Merging Posts From Two Different Boards?



As @CreditCuriosity has expanded further upthread, the forums have internal policies and criterion as to how things are managed -- which has been the result of ongoing feedback by community members and best practices over the years. Unfortunately, it is an inaccurate statement that other posts, topics or threads have not been managed in the same fashion. As with anything, and depending on the topic, discussion, content, etc., everything is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

There has been no community feedback on the merged topics (as far as confusion goes) as the end result was the same for both.


You have a variety options, which has been explained as far as how the myFICO Forums are governed by the TOS and the administration and/or moderation of topics. If you feel the myFICO Forums are not the right fit for you (or your views) then you are welcome to explore other venues that may be more appropriate going forward.

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