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Mobile app on IOS goes haywire after forced reauthentication

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Mobile app on IOS goes haywire after forced reauthentication

This issue cropped up a couple of months ago under IOS 14.x and still occurs under IOS 15. 


When the mobile app forces a reauthentication of my login credentials and after I reenable TouchID the splash screen showing my FICO 8 scores comes up but goes into a loop where the screen repeatedly refreshes about once per second and I cannot break out of it within the app.   If I force-close it via the hold-button-swipe-up procedure or reboot my iPhone and then restart the app it will work normally until the next time I'm directed to reauthenticate. 


It's not a dealbreaker but it is a recurring nuisance and I'm noting in case this is a known issue and/or I need to modify a setting or settings to address it.

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