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Past Credit Score Reports No Longer Available

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Past Credit Score Reports No Longer Available

Today I tried to access a previous Transunion FICO score report and was unable to.  They have changed the website and this feature is no longer available!  I have been a member for 9 years and was always able to access all previous transunion fico score reports.  The customer service representatives do not seem to be familiar with the FICO quarterly monitoring subscription.  The "manager" I spoke with most recently named Jacqueline told me I was never able to access old fico score reports.  I asked her how long she has worked there.  She would not answer.  Told me the previous person with whom I had spoken has been there a "long time."  The previous person, Laquinthia, had already told me she had been there 2 years.  I am very discouraged.  This product has changed but they won't admit it.  Anyone else have this problem??

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Re: Past Credit Score Reports No Longer Available

I too am having issues similar to this. Since the website change my TU score is now showing one from Feb when I subscribe to quarterly monitoring and a more recent one is available. Does myFICO have intention of fixing these kind of bugs in the near future I am hoping?

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