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Sign in issues

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Re: Sign in issues

😂😂I can only imagine why Imperfectfuture.
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Re: Sign in issues

It's pretty effin insane when you get a hold of customer service and their only piece of advice is to forget about your old login and create a new one. Really?!? That's the answer from customer service?

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Re: Sign in issues

Imperfectfuture wrote:

KaLin wrote:

This has been escalated to Tier 2 support to get this fixed ASAP.


As a temporary workaround, if you read a post anonymously and then click the sign in link, you should be able to sign in that way.  It's the only way I was able to get in.

That did not work for me.  Smiley Sad

So now we are back to the original problem. Reading posts and then clicking the sign in link worked, this time...

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Re: Sign in issues

My workaround, possibly the fastest way to get around this:

1.)When you get to the forums, sign in. (This will tak you back to the forums but it will appear you are not signed in)
2.) Click on any of the specific forums.
3.) Click "New Message" and it will take you to create a new message and all of a sudden you are signed in and can go through the forums!

So basically, sign in, then click to start a new thread and you are good to go.

They need to upgrade this forum badly. This lithium program is the equivalent of Windows 95.
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