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Signature Section Disappeared

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Signature Section Disappeared

I've seen other threads about "new" members not being able to add a signature under their profile information, but I had/have an existing signature line (with credit card images) as a "member" that appears in my old posts; now that section of my profile is not visible to edit. When I log in to my account and navigate to Personal Information, I see these fields:


First name
Last name
Private notes
There used to be a Signature box. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Is there a way to get this section back?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Signature Section Disappeared

I wonder if they raised the minimum rank requirement to have a sig due to all of the spam, this would be good to know though


you would think by the rank: Established Member, it would be high enough to have a sig though

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Re: Signature Section Disappeared

It's there for me.

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Re: Signature Section Disappeared

@NYC_Fella wrote:
It's there for me.

Your reply must've done some magic, because the Signature box is back! My current lineup is now updated, too.


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