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Stop moving my posts!

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Stop moving my posts!

I post in the correct category and every time a mod moves my post to a dead section of the forum (personal finance). 

Can y'all stop? I need replies. 

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Re: Stop moving my posts!

You are posting them in the incorrect areas and our job as moderators is to move them when needed, one of many things we do.  If you are referring to the LOC that belongs in personal finance.  Thread is now locked for future comments.  


BTW I wasn't the one that moved that one if you are referring to it, but have moved another post of yours so familiar with your frustrations.


Anything to do with Chex, Banking Accounts, Personal loans, IRAs etc belong in personal finance.. Anything to do with CC approvals in CC approval section and anything to do with declined applications or applications pending in CC applications section and the CC section belongs to questions about certain CC's and new cc's and the likes.  Just a brief summary of sub-forums although they also have a description as well.  Hopefully this helps clarify some things and as stated before PF if this is indeed what you are upset about gets alot of traffic


edit: also please remember it is a violation of TOS to question a moderator actions.  Please see this part of the TOS


  • Discussion of moderator decisions or actions, or about the work of moderators, unless a moderator has invited members to post feedback in a particular thread. If you need to comment on a moderator action, please send a private message to any administrator or moderator


For more information, please refer to our User Guidelines and our Terms of Service.




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Re: Stop moving my posts!

@Lizzo - to echo what's been mentioned above by @CreditCuriosity, it would behoove you to gain some familiarity where threads should be posted based on the information criteria.

Sure, there can be scenarios where a thread may 'fit' into multiple boards depending on the content or questions. That said, every effort is made to ensure the appropriate visibility and placement is given for each thread that may warrant some movement based on further review of the contents.

Moreover, each section of the forums provides a brief summary of which topics are applicable. When in doubt, you can always engage any of our Comunity Leaders or our Moderators for assistance in the event something is unclear. Accordingly, I moved your thread based on our forum guidelines.

The ToS and User Guidelines have also been provided to ensure you are also familiar with the myFICO forums community standards, please review them.
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