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User name reassignment?

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User name reassignment?

The quick version; I created a new account and forum user name to be able to post on the forums.  My username here is LordAthens, obviously.


Unfortunately, I didn't realize I already had an account with myFICO from years ago, under an old email address, but I never posted to the forums.  So after I signed up for Score Watch with my original account, it made my create a new user name for that account, which is LordAthens1.


Is it possible to have this user name assigned to my other account?  It's a bit of a pain since the few posts I do have are under this username (LordAthens), but anytime I want to access anything on myFICO SW, I have to sign out, then sign back in under my other account.  Then when I want to post, I have to sign out again, then back in to my "real" forums account.

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Re: User name reassignment?

Unfortunately there's no way to switch accounts while preserving your posting history. We could switch LordAthens with LordAthens1 but you wouldn't have the 10 or so posts you have now. It would be the lesser. If you want us to make that change, let us know.

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Re: User name reassignment?

That's fine, I'm willing to take the post count loss for the ease of use.  Please go ahead and swap the names around.  Thanks!

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Re: User name reassignment?

OK, they're switched. Going forward use only the LordAthens persona. Later today I'll lock up LordAthens1.

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Re: User name reassignment?

Thanks llecs.

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