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is it cancelled or not cancelled

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is it cancelled or not cancelled

I signed up for free trial and activated score watch, then after some questions. it said:"We regret that we cannot provide you with your FICO® score report as your report at Equifax does not meet the minimum scoring criteria. If you were using a credit card, it was not charged."

Then I went to my subscriptions to cancel, but there is nothing there, so is it cancelled, or will there be a charge after 10 days?  I hate when supposedly professional businesses like this, doesn't make it clear. 

By the way, are those questions about a loan , auto loan  just random?  it said I had a loan around march 2012,  and it asked me about it,  and auto loan, but I don't have any loans. aside of credit cards.    so are these questions random or is my SN stolen?



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Re: is it cancelled or not cancelled

Your SW subscription never started to begin with...nothing to cancel.


Here's the minimum scoring requirements for a FICO:

· At least one account that has been open for six months or more
· At least one undisputed account that has been reported to the credit bureau with in the past six months
· No indication of deceased on the credit report (Please note: if you share an account with another person this may affect you if the other account holder is reported deceased).


If the above isn't met, then the purchase wouldn't go through. There could be a temp authorization but that clears out quickly.


The questions would have been assigned from Equifax. I suppose they get their information from your EQ report. Sometimes they'll throw out questions that don't even apply but offer a "none of the above" option. Sounds like you answered them correctly otherwise myFICO wouldn't have informed you about the minimum scoring requirements.

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Re: is it cancelled or not cancelled

Thank you very much for the response. 


I have a US CC account and US bank account for about 9 years, only me and not deceased yet ( ;.  however, I no longer live in the US at the moment.  my CC billing address reflect an overseas address, but I entered my last US domicile. could this be the reason why it couldn't show any report?  After that, I also tried free report from annual credit report. same issue, couldn't get any report.  what do you recommend in this kind of situation? is it possible to get a score?   

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Re: is it cancelled or not cancelled

I would start by dealing with the CRAs first. If you aren't successful with them, then it won't work to get reports from here (or elsewhere). I would contact each CRA and see what you need to provide in order to get reports. Once you get access to the reports then it'll be easier. They'll require a myriad of info verifying id.

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