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New Contributor and FICO Score Estimator

Hey People,
If you're looking to try out myFico before plopping down the money, has a FICO Score Estimator.  They have partnered up with myFico and they ask you some questions about your credit and gives you an estimated score.  It's not definite but nice to try. 
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Re: and FICO Score Estimator

Within 50-75 points I would say. Yours might be closer.
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Re: and FICO Score Estimator

Mine was fairly close, at around 25 points off.  Not too bad for free.

Starting Score: 583 EQ, 612 EX, 569 TU
Current Score: 658 EQ, 648 EX, 618 TU
Goal Score: 720 EQ, 720 EX, 720 TU

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Re: and FICO Score Estimator

I used it as an estimator of what my Fico score could be as I haven't checked it in over a year I think.  I haven't applied for cc or loans so I didn't really see the need but I might just for info.
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