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Error 306 on 10-day trial SW

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Error 306 on 10-day trial SW

Ok , here is the problem. I have purchased the 10-day trial of ScoreWatch product. went through the whole process and did the purchase. But the system told back that I have Error-306 on my profile.


When I called MyFICO customer service, they told me that I have a block on my record of Equifax and suggest calling them to remove the block.

It takes me forever to get to Equifax, i have tried hundred of times but the line is just busy as hell . I finally gave up and come back here.


My questions are that:

-  Will my 10-day trial on the product expire on even though I don't have any access to my product ??

-  If so , how do I cancel it ?  I don't want to pay for nothing until I have my problem solved with Equifax.





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Re: Error 306 on 10-day trial SW

You might want to call myFICO just to confirm, but if you cannot see your report and score within the "My Account" page, then the purchase never went through and the 10-days hasn't started yet. I don't know about the error codes, but I do know if there's a fraud alert on EQ, then the purchase won't go through.

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