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Error Getting Free Trial

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Error Getting Free Trial

My credit history isn't that long (maybe about a year) but when I try getting my scores from the free trial on myfico I get this error


"Unfortunately, we were unable to confirm your identity during your last purchase attempt. Your security is important to us, and therefore you will need to confirm your identity prior to purchasing any future myFICO® product."


This is with Equifax... Does anyone know what action I should take? Or what this error means?

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Re: Error Getting Free Trial

From reading through the forums it takes at *least a year of actual credit to create a Fico.


Also if your file is relatively thin* (no action) or new then you will face proving your a *real person every time you attempt

to see your credit file.


Did it not give you a number to call? You may have to provide a copy of your License, SS card, and utility to the company

providing the report. One way or another your file is to thin, your new, or you answered a security question wrong. Happens

to me even after 10 years of active credit watching.

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Re: Error Getting Free Trial

Thanks for the reply!


The number didn't help much. myFICO blamed Equifax for not updating their records. So I called Equifax and their dispute process takes forever. So my AAoA turns about one year in two months, I'll check again then.


However, you still get that warning even after 10 years...?!

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myFICO Employee

Re: Error Getting Free Trial

To clarify, in order for a FICO® score to be calculated, a credit report must contain these minimum requirements:

  • At least one account that has been open for six months or more
  • At least one undisputed account that has been reported to the credit bureau with in the past six months
  • No indication of deceased on the credit report (Please note: if you share an account with another person this may affect you if the other account holder is reported deceased).

For additional information about how FICO scoring helps you, visit the Credit Education Center at

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