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FICO® Score 3B Report, Experian empty

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FICO® Score 3B Report, Experian empty

Hope I can explain this correctly. I have been a member and getting my quarterly reports for years. Something strange happens everytime I get a new report for the quarter. Transunion and Equifax show all my credit history, But experian is empty and than on my dash board it brings my experian credit score down, latest yesterday was 82 points down. Then slowly over the quarter the score rises back up to close to the others. equifax and transunion are 800 and 820, but now experian is 706. Now, if i goto and login there my score is 798.  I never really paid much attention to this over the years till i applied for motorcycle loan and they pulled experian and said i have 0 credit history. MY navyfed mortgage, jpmc card, amex card, nfcu aut loan etc... none of them show in the myfico 3b experian and all these accounts are decade plus old. IS this a normal issue?

thanks in advance.

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Re: FICO® Score 3B Report, Experian empty

I am going to guess, you are seeing what Experian refers to as a "mixed" file.  While I don't know entirely "why" this happpens other than someone/somewhere/something is either close (meaning name, address, SS or other identifier) or has been mis-typed and you are getting mixed results on Experian.  If sometimes you get the data and it's accurate and other times you don't...that tells me that EX has/is getting the info, but what you're getting presented is inaccurate.  


My idea would be start by calling them, yes I know how painful that is....and explain that you are experiencing an issue that sounds like a mixed file.  The words "mixed file" are part of their own venacular so they will understand what that means and launch an investigation to sort it out.  This could lead to 2 results....the simplest being they acknowledge their error and correct it.  The other and more time intensive response is them stating they are reporting the info reported by XX and you'll need go through all your accounts and determine who has incorrect info being fed to EX on a regular basis.  If result #2 is the answer, suffice to say you will likely have this issue in other places and with other reporting agencies..not just the main 3 but also, outliers like Chexsystems and LexisNexis/Sagestream.

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