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MF updates not coming

Super Contributor

MF updates not coming

I've had score changes, reflected by my 3Bs, but still missing alerts referencing the point changes. Anyone else having any issues?
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Re: MF updates not coming

All 3 cb updated within tge last 3 days when my us bank cash+ card reported. My ex even went up one point.

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Re: MF updates not coming

Only certain updates trigger an alert with EX/EQ.

TU does alert sometimes on FICO score changes but the other two in my long experience do not.

Balance changes are the most reliable, deletions basically not at all; EX occasionally gets a refresh via SP: that was implemented because their alerts were shoddy.

Same occurs with their CMS incidentally, I am using Experian now and I get alerts a day or even later than when the actual daily report shows it.

Sadly no CMS is as good as they should be but they weren’t written for us.

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Re: MF updates not coming

I agree. I'm missing balance changes too. Yes again I agree about CW, but best we got, right?
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