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MyFICO is slow


Re: MyFICO is slow

Good to know that it's not just me. I've had two collections removed about 6 weeks weeks ago and late payments removed about a month ago. Still no updates on myFico or score adjustments. Although CreditKarma is a Vantage score (I know most lenders don't use this) they update my reports and scores within days. Should I be paying for a different plan with myFICO or is there a better alternative out there? I'm paying so much and it's hard to monitor when it takes so long to update.

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Re: MyFICO is slow

Yes I agree with you all. These 3 Credit bureaus need to be taught a lesson. Experian is the worst then Transunion who never gets items corrected immediately and when they do its wrong or slow as ever. Equifax is the best in true reporting recently. Do you all notice there quick to report negative items and slow to report positive. We all know they are getting paid by advertisers. I have been waiting for this month for many things to be corrected. By 8-1 I am going to pull all 3 and I guarantee most I 5 items will still be there. I am giving them all 1 chance only to get there act together. They have items that should have been removed for yrs but until you use the correct Letters with the FCRA in the title maybe they will get corrected. So many individuals who should have better scores don't. All because they think they can get away with it until we (Fico members) get together and team up. We all know that the only true score is Fico. They are teaming up together to challenge Fico with this vantage score which is one sided. I say we all sign a petition and DEMAND that they get there reporting correct. Personal and business. They have caused good people billions of dollars in incorrect reporting and the FCRA has and are on to them. 

My fellow Fico members please respond to this and I personally will get all we need together, by legal means and have them pay us all back or at the very least get all reporting corrected. 

Remember there is Power in numbers 

And we all DESERVE to be treated fairly. 

All who respond to this I will return a reply back and get this in motion. 

Our families deserve what is right and true. 

Enough is Enough 

Cmon Fico family let's do this...... 

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