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New Score Alert Messages...

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New Score Alert Messages...

I keep getting Score alert Messages in regards to "Balance" changes on my Credit card and i notice that the Account in Question is listed twice in the Explanantion section. Just Curious? I went back through all my Alerts and it always duplicates the condition.



Nevermind... I figured it out, The Alert was for multiple changes in my Settings. 

Chapter 13, Discharged 10/11
02/28/12 TU 595/ Eq 647/ Ex 647
01/30/13 TU 656/Eq 676
9/30/13 TU 694 EQ 687 Ex 727
10/25/13 Fico scores TU 740 EQ 680 EX 725
11/1/13 chapter 13 finally fell off EQ 702
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