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Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

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Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

Hi all,


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about my recent experience.  Like most I have been working on my credit and was waiting for myFICO to run a special  so I could order a few scores (pinching pennies) .  Long story short, I received a discount  code (mid-April) and ordered 4 scores for future use.  It clearly states on it states "All FICO Standard reports must be activated within 12 months of purchase."   Less then a month later I went back to my account to use one of the orders and  to my disappointment all were gone.  


Apparently the policy is you must use (fulfill) your order in 7 days, not the 12 months they state on the MyFico site, or your order will be voided.  What I found additionally disappointing is they would not honor at least one orders at the discounted 20% price.  I was simply told "we have no specials at this time".  MyFico has a true "monopoly" but I would have hoped customer service would have been a tad bit more accommodating than what they provided.  I wasn't asking or expecting something for free, just to honor what they are advertising.


So, please let your take away be...if you order a score it must be used in 7 days not the 365 days (12 months) that they are describe on the website.   

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Re: Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

I can't speak to the coupon code since myFICO unfortunately did away with them a while back, but it's been always my experience in ordering any produce that nothing is activated. It's automatic. When you place the order, the order happens at that moment. There's no way to delay your purchase other than to physically delay the purchase. When you enter your CC info (and coupon code), the purchase happens that moment with that date's report date. The only product that allows you to delay a report pull is the Suze product. You can pull three reports anytime whenever you want within a year, and get 3 more when you renew.

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Re: Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

Thank you for your feedback, llecs, 

I fully expected to pay for all four scores. {$63.**}  up front and my credit card was authorized the full amount.  


I think different programs and methods apparently work differently. 

And clearly that does not match what is on the product description page for "FICO Standard". 


click "check my FICO SCORE" ==> "FICO Standard" tab

"This snapshot of your FICO Score and credit report is viewable for 30 days from the date of purchase.

All FICO Standard reports must be activated within 12 months of purchase."


The purpose of my post was not to whine or bash myFICO but to give heed to others.  The product description page is wrong, myFICO will not honor the "activate within 12 months of purchase" statement and if a customer wants/needs the report within a particular time frame, customer service will not work with them to correct their mistake. 


I hope this helps someone or helps myFICO correct their system.

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Re: Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

I see what you were trying to do. You are given an option of increasing the quantity of reports pulled at checkout from 1 to whatever. Definitely put some heat on them. IMO, myFICO needs to make some changes to their products and customer service, and some friendly heat on them might reverse their decision.

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Re: Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

Thanks for the warning CMS70!  I was thinking about purchasing a multiple TU scores this past Mothers day when they were offering 20% discount and simply banking them to use when new items were reported or removed.  Thankfully I didn't and only purchased one.  I would've been greatly disappointed if I bought multiple thinking that I could just use them within the next 12 months only for them to be gone after 7.  Hopefully nobody else does the same thing we had planned on doing next time myFico runs a promotion like this, or at least specifies that all purchases made using promo code must be used within 7 days.


Thanks again CMS70!

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Re: Problem ordering FICO score with coupon code

Mine still says inactive and I still have the option to activate it whenever.  It expires 2/23/2014.


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