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Score Watch not Reporting


Score Watch not Reporting

Here are my issues.  I've had score watch for about 2 or 3 months now, and I'm very confused as to why this happens.


I first noticed it when i had a new account, which I KNEW already reported to Equifax (via lender pull), and was curious why it wasn't reporting on score watch.  I called score watch to ask and was told that 'sometimes it takes extra time to report'.  Unsatisfied with this answer, and annoyed by the upselling the CSR attempted I agreed to wait a few more days to see what happens.  5 minutes after I got off the phone, I get a score watch alert and it was updated... weird!


And now today, I know info is on my credit report that hasn't been reported by score watch, I call myFico and cancel my service (when the 3 month commitment runs out), the CSR asks why, and I explain that the service doesn't report timely.  She agrees to cancel after the commitment runs out, we hang up...5 minutes later a score watch alert and all the info I have been looking for has appeared.


Why does this happen?  



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