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Score Watch problem too?

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Score Watch problem too?

I see a few other people have posted about not receiving Score Watch notification when there has been changes to their reports/scores.  I'm not trying to beat a dead horse...


Some info:

* I have my settings for Score Watch set to 1 point above my current score. 

* In January I had 1 collection account deleted (found out by contacting Equifax)

* I also had one negative tradeline removed (found out by contacting Equifax)

* I have added a new credit account (also verified by contacting Equifax)

* Utilization was in the 1-9% for last month.


I don't know if I have something setup incorrectly, if there is a problem with Score Watch, if it takes extra time to update... I'm just not sure.


Can  someone help me out in understanding?

Starting Score: EX: 560 on 11/1/11
Current Score: EX: 651 on 1/31/16
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Score Watch problem too?

Hi cp94550,


Have you read the Score Watch Guide yet?  If not, I'd suggest doing so.  The removal of an item, whether positive or negative, will not trigger an alert.  The appearance of a new account or inquiry, however, should.  And a new score that crosses the target score should definitely generate an alert. 


So, while I wouldn't expect you to get an alert for the collection and negative tradeline removals, I would expect to see you get one for the new account -- and even for the inquiry that led to the new account.  For this reason, we have added a free report to your Score Watch subscription, so you can check to see if in fact that new account is reporting.  If you do find that a recently added new account or inquiry is on your report, let our customer service dept know so they can report it.


Also, unless your score hasn't changed, reset your target to your new score.  Good luck!



Formerly consumer affairs manager, media spokesman and myFICO Forums community manager at FICO, I'm now freelance writing for and my own site,

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Re: Score Watch problem too?

Hi cp,


I'm hoping you saw a nice increase to your EQ score from those negative TL's being removed, like Barry has stated, SW will not alert you of these types of changes to your reports, but I would have to assume your score has increased due to these negative TL's being removed, which should have triggered an alert, however if your score did not change due to these changes, SW would not have sent you an alert.


As for the new TL being reported to EQ and the subsequent inq that resulted in the new TL, you should have received an alert, you have to remember it may take SW a few days or up to 10 days after such a change to your reports to actually send the alert, SW has been really good to me, I use EQ monitoring service as well as SW, and normally for me, EQ will send an alert right away, and SW will send me an alert within a few hours to at most one day later.


Aside from SW being behind on sending your alert, Congratulations on the removals of those two negative TL's, and to your New Account.


Let us know if you saw an increase to your EQ Fico.


One last thing, if you pulled a Score Power report before SW had the chance to get that alert out to you, no alert would have been sent, because you pulled a current report and SW would then have no reason to send an alert.


One more last thingSmiley Very Happy I would strongly recommend setting your SW "Target" score to your exact current EQ Fico, not one point higher etc.....I keep my Target score set to my exact current EQ Fico and I receive all my SW alerts like I stated above very soon after EQ sends an alert.


Once again, Congratulations on those two negative TL's being removed and to your New Account. Great job!!

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Re: Score Watch problem too?

Thank you Barry for adding a Score Watch report to my account.  I ran it just today and what do you know... a 35 point increase!


Woo hoo!!


Thank you for your help and great customer service.

Starting Score: EX: 560 on 11/1/11
Current Score: EX: 651 on 1/31/16
Goal Score: 700

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