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Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

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Re: Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

Ok...I received an alert today for the inquiry on Monday. It works. I'm content.
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Re: Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

Ive been getting score updates usually on a regular monthly basis but I havent in 2 months and my credit card debt has been completely

wiped to 0 and my reports are showing 0 balances on my cards. Now today i get an alert for my capital one card


Alert: The balance on one of your accounts has increased by 771%


I didnt know a balance can increase 771%, I must have a rediculously high limit that im not aware of

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Re: Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

Well, 771% is a relative term. If your balance was 10 dollars and it went to

$87.10 it would be an increas of 771%. Smiley Wink. (on another note when I was looking for the little emoticon, I accidentall clicked on one titled "manwink" which just seems a little creepy)


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Re: Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

I completley agree with the fact that Scorewatch has quite a few bugs that need to be sworked out. Last week I received a Scorewatch e-mail that my score had gone up 9 points, then immediatley following that, I received another e-mail saying "congradulationgs, your score has not changed in the last month" or something along those lines.


Anyway, my main gripe is that Scorewatch seems to be a sporadic updater. What I mean is, that it def. doesn't pull daily. Maybe weekly, maybe even more than that. While I understand that it costs MyFico money everytime they pull a report (and hence report an updated score) I think most were misldead by the statement that we would recieve an update whenver our score changed. It's more like, we'll recieve an update whenever our score changes and after we discover that change."


I'm going to cancel my service. Think about it. I know I'm better off with going with a service like CCT (Credit Check Total) which gives you DAILY pulls. Then I can just pull my FICO whenever I have an alert that somthing changed. Case in point, I know a collection was just deleted from my reports. My Equifax report (as of 11/12/09 shows that it has been deleted. MyFico? Nothing yet. From CCT is should of been deleted on the 9th. It's just kind of ridiculous when I'm paying the monthly fee, and also paying when I want a Score Power Report, or whatever they call it. Because that's what I've been doing, and that's how I've been "notified" that my score has changed.

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Re: Score Watch - why doesn't it work?

I agree that this product is starting to look too unreliable for me to continue using. Both my husband and I have subscriptions. I paid off all our credit cards last month and neither one of us have gotten any alerts whatsoever. It now says on my profile "You don’t have any recent scores from Equifax." Very frustrating. It's almost more worthwhile to get FAKOS from Credit Check Total on a daily basis and when you know there's been a significant change, purchase a true FICO score. Definitely not satisfied.
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