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TU report not updated?

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Re: TU report not updated?

awdsmama wrote:

After I purchased my TU report I clicked on my TU quarterly monitoring report, I thought THAT is where the new updated report would be.  Yeah, not so much.  There was a separate link for it.

I brought up the report dates because I also did the same thing. It's easy to do.


On the score change, it's the law of diminishing returns...the more you have the less points, if any, you'd see returned. It's like adding inquiries, add a couple you might see a negative ding. Add 20 or so and you won't see any score change. Or like util. Go from 0% to 50% and you could see a significant ding. Go from 50 to 90% and you'll see very little impact, if any. Keep plugging away and celebrate a cleaner report.

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Re: TU report not updated?

I am definitely glad to have a "better" report than I had before, even if still not great.   Thanks for your help :-)

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