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Why am I asked to pay again?  I've already paid once.  Is there an annual fee?   Need to check my score and now I can't without paying again. 

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Re: payment



Which service did you purchase?


There are a three popular product offerings on here, though none of them offer unlimited FICO report pulls. If you purchased FICO Standard for $19.95 I think, it gives you the option to purchase either your TransUnion or Equifax FICO report and is a one-time purchase only. So if you wanted future reports, the costs would be an additional $19.95 more.


Some folks on here subscribe to Score Watch. SW is a monitoring product that monitors your Equifax FICO score and report for changes. There is an annual fee for that for $149.95. If this is what you purchased know that you do get two EQ FICO reports included in your subscription with the first of the two being used when you subscribed. If you use up the second you would be prompted to pay for future purchases at a 30% discount. There is the option to pay monthly at $14.95/mo and the second report would be available sometime after your purchase.


Finally, the only other product that has an annual fee is Quarterly Monitoring. That's $49.95/yr. It's basically a pre-paid plan for your TransUnion FICO report and score on a quarterly basis and there's no score monitoring or credit alerts. But you get the reports at a discount plus 20% off future reports.


Again, not sure what you have but hope this helps.

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