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"Perpetual" subscription

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"Perpetual" subscription

The business model for ScoreWatch seems to be that they sign you up and then keep renewing you forever unless extreme and special care is taken to terminate the subscription.


I've used ScoreWatch for several years, and valued its service. Now that I am no longer mortgage shopping I began to question the value of paying well over $100 a year for the service. I remembered that I would get an email each year when the subscription was due for renewal, alerting me that I could cancel if desired and what to do. For some reason, last year I let it slide and lazed on for another year. Then I realized just how costly ScoreWatch is! So I put a huge note in my Excel financial planner "NOT TO RENEW ScoreWatch!!!". I have looked at that note all year long until now.


Today I got an email that my ScoreWatch was "successfully renewed" for $150. $150 !!. No previous notification that renewal was imminent, etc. I am pretty ticked off about this. I remember reading posts here some years ago where people didn't like this "perpetual subscription" and how difficult it was for them to terminate it.


I look around in the Member Center (which is a confusing mess) and try to find an option to continue or terminate the "perpetual subscription", there ain't no such thing. Feedback: really, the business model stinks from the consumer's viewpoint.

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Re: "Perpetual" subscription

If you decide to carry it this year, go in and remove your cc payment information. They will email you to update your payment information when it is time to renew. Tell them then that you want to cancel.


Be sure to copy off any reports you might have in your account before you cancel. They will all disappear right away.


If you cancel now, they will give you a prorated refund, will they not?

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