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Cap1 question?

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Re: Cap1 question?

New2score wrote:
Another question were do you guys get your other scores or do you just buy the ones that they sell heRe?

MyFICO seems to be about the last place left to buy true FICO scores. 


No one has been able to buy their own Experian FICO score since February of 2009. Creditors can pull Experian and also there is a CU (PSECU) in Pennsylvania that supplies that information to it's members only. You can only buy true FICO scores at a few places. One place is here at myFICO. I suggest you do an internet search for "myfico discount codes" to save a little money.

At one time you could also purchase your Transunion score at but that site seems to have stopped doing that. Equifax will still sell you a FICO score but you have to look very hard to find it. I haven't been able to find it for a long time.


As far as I know that's it as far as buying FICO scores. Of course lenders have access to all 3 scores.




From a BK years ago to:
EX - 3/11 pulled by lender- 835, EQ - 2/11-816, TU - 2/11-782

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Re: Cap1 question?

Yea thnx ..I ended up buying yest the quarterly package n since I had seen my EQ from the free trial I just wrote it it kind of worked n I should be getting my secured cc from cap 1 the 14-18 of this month. N start building
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Re: Cap1 question?

Capital One does issue prime card (Excellent credit). For those cards it has decent CL.

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Re: Cap1 question?

trumpet is correct.

And for what it's worth, I just applied for the No Hassle Cash Rewards card last night and was instantly approved with a $5,000 CL (Excellent credit version). My EQ is 716. No baddies, no lates perfect history on all accounts. I do have some INQ's.


Just thought I would chime in and help other use my app exp. with Cap1 to help them decide whether or not to pull the trigger.

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