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Chase product change causes multiple TLs

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Chase product change causes multiple TLs

Hi there,


A newbie with a credit report question for the experts... 


I recently product changed my old WaMu Mastercard to a new Chase Freedom Visa. They sent the card, but somehow the switch didn't 'stick', and I was reissued a plain Chase Mastercard. I called in to fix this, and now have a second (and final) Freedom Visa.


The problem is that my last three statements have reported three different cards (the original MC, the replacement MC, and the second Visa), and my credit reports show three separate tradelines.


All three cards share the same history, but the two Mastercards (which are obviously no longer in use), still report the balances that showed on their statements. Only the Visa is updated with current information.


Is this damaging me? EQ seems to think I have balances that don't exist. Should I (and how can I) have Chase remove the older cards from my report?



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Re: Chase product change causes multiple TLs

I had a similar problem. I sent them a message on the website from the account that is no longer valid:

"This account is still being reported to my credit reports, with a balance. However, this card has been changed into the account ending with XXXX. This account hurts my Average Age of Accounts, number of accounts with balances, and overall reported revolving debt. Please delete this account from my credit reports."

They said:

"Thank you for your recent inquiry. It is important to us
that we promptly address your concerns regarding your
credit bureau report.

We have requested that the three (3) major credit bureaus,
Equifax, Experian (TRW), and Trans Union remove
information for account ending in XXXX from your credit

Until the credit bureaus update their records, during the
interim, if you need to provide verification that this
deletion has been requested, please provide the
appropriate party with a copy of this email.

If you have any further questions, please reply using the
Secure Message Center."

The account poofed from my CRs within a couple of days.
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