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Help did I completely mess up?

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Help did I completely mess up?

We are in the process of getting a house we had two bad items left on our credit report one from midland for 339. one for a medical 75. the midland one I had disputed so it had a comment on there that I did not get removed before going to the broker. They informed us that the dispute comment had to be off so I called Midland and had them take it off. As I was waiting for the letter the broker informed me it needed to be settled as in paid. So I went ahead and paid it and got the letter from them. We had also already paid the OC of the medical and I had a letter for that as well.


When we first ran our Credit our middle score was a 644 just enough for the 640 FHA. We are in the process of doing the rescore after the 2 items were paid and now they are saying that the scores could drop.


The Medical was back from 09 and did not have any recent activity. The Midland had a last activity date of 12/12. When I checked my own reports recently they were not on my report. Do you think the rescore will put them back on my report. Or is my score going to drop and if so how much can it drop by.


I really hope it does not drop as the only other thing we can do is wait for good payments to have an effect. Our DTI is 0% we paid everything off. And the only other thing I can do is good will a couple late payments for a car loan.


Any info would be great. We should know next week but I am freaking out right now. We are so close.

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Re: Help did I completely mess up?

It really shouldn't affect your mortgage.  It was approved with the stipulation of removing the dispute and the settling of this debt.  You have fullfilled that obligation.  CAs are not factored the same as OCs, so your AAoA and util wasn't factored out during the dispute so that shouldn't change.  


I think you should be fine and I'm doing nothing but thinking positively for you.  Good luck and get that house!

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Re: Help did I completely mess up?

Thank you for your response. Our problem is they have not approved us yet. This was part of the pre approval process so if they do drop we do not get our pre approval. Thank you for the good thoughts we need all we can get. I really hope they get back to us early this wait is killer.

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Re: Help did I completely mess up?

If the collections were not on your report your score should go up.  By how much is hard to predict.

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