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need some help!

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need some help!

Okay, I have 4 medical collections on my Equifax report. They are all from the same collection agency, the total amount is around $597.00 and it's from the same hospital. They have broken it up into 4 different collections though.


They were all reported on 1/1/2007.


The amounts of each collection:


1. 60.00

2. 62.00

3. 110.00

4. 365.00



Is there anyway someone could give me a sample letter and just let me fill in my personal info? I really don't understand the HIPPA process and I want to get it done right. Thank you


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Re: need some help!

Can you afford to pay these collections in full if you have to? I highly recommend you use the letters in the HIPAA process. Using "other" letters might not net the results you're hoping for. What questions might you have about the HIPAA letter process?
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