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April Check In Thread

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Re: April Check In Thread

Goal for April is to pay off one credit card and NOT TOUCH IT (I think I'm going to have to hide it. Having it in my wallet is too tempting) and get the other card down to <$4000. It was $6200 2 months ago, so I have hope that by the next statement I can pay enough to get into the upper 3,000. I hope. Want to get this card paid off!!!

Starting Score: MyFico EQ 694 (3/2013)
Current Score: MyFico EQ 707 (4/1/2013), EX 734 (4/12/2013 - AMEX pull)
Goal Score: 740+, gardening since: 5/17/13

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Re: April Check In Thread

Hello fellow challengers!  I wanted to do a quick April update.  Things have gone very well since I started the FICO fitness challenge!  I have really been monitoring my credit, and aside from doing stupid things like applying for credit cards to get discounts, I have been very well.  My starting scores for March was 588, my score as of today is 594.  This would be for Equifax.  My TransUnion score is sitting low at 555 - there has been zero movement.


I have paid off several credit cards and have a couple of more left; with the exception of a line of credit for a mattress we purchased, which will be paid off in 10 months, all of the other credit cards will be paid off by the end of May.  I am not closing any accounts, but I am going to take the cards out of my wallet and store them at home.  I am hoping that will give my score a boost for the month to push me up into the 6's.  I am wondering how I track my Experian credit score?  I have access to TransUnion, Equifax, but no Experian.  Could anyone let me know?


Thanks everyone, good luck to you all this month!!!

Starting Score: 588
Current Score: 614
Goal Score: 625

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Re: April Check In Thread

Hi All,


I don't get out of the CC forum much, and I just found this thread - nice for accountability.  Last year I made periodic updates in the goal thread, but nothing this year.  So I'm back in...  


Goals for the year are to continue to pay down my CC debt to $0.  I still owe about $6000; however, that's all on a 0% card for the next 18 months, so I'm in good shape with that.  


The other thing is that I just went on a major CLI spree and opened a new card in the past couple of weeks.  When everything reports I will have an overall utilization (on one card) of around 5%.  That will help maximize my score, but the inquiries and new account reporting won't. So, my goal for the year is to let everything age, have no more inquiries, and pay off my revolving debt.  I'm hopeful that I will be able to meet my 760+ goal if all goes as planned.

Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 659, TU08 - 670, EX - ???
Current Score:April 2014: EQ - 772, TU08 - 782, EX - 754
Last App:3/21/14

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Re: April Check In Thread

Decided to start the challenge. Started repairing credit almost a month ago when my Lender gave me the depressing news that I wouldn't qualify for a loan. My goal at that time was to fix it as fast as possible. Since then I removed three delinquencies from my credit reports. All three were from GECRB. One 60 day from Rooms To Go from 2010, One 30 Day from Amazon from Jan. of this year and my most recent which gave me a forty one point increase from February. 


My goal right now is to get my utilization down. I have three credit cards right now. My Chase card is about 50%. My Best Buy Cap One Card is 80% and My Mastercard is about 50%(though last month it was 95% and it hasn't reported yet so looking for a score bump then too). Would like to get my Mastercard fully paid off and my Best Buy down to 25% and Chase down to 25% within the next couple of months.


This fourm has been very helpful!

Starting Score: 526 EQ 564 TU 520 EXP (03/11/13 Lender)
Current Score: 661 EQ(04/08) 600 TU(04/03 Lender) 604 EXP(04/03 Lender)
Goal Score: 750

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Re: April Check In Thread

The months are moving right along! I am happy to report progress with a judgment on my credit file. Hopefully in 30 days, my dispute will be over since the case was dismissed. On to the next entry, one step at a time.

Starting Score: EQ 604 TU ? 01/2013
Current Score: EQ 611 TU 621 04/2013
Goal Score: 700 12/31/13

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Re: April Check In Thread

New to this, very excited!

I got some cards. Some are pretty, some are ugly. Some are more useful then others.

Current Scores: Low 700's give or take.
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Re: April Check In Thread

Checking In.....

 In Feb. I did the following:

  • Deleted 4 collection accounts ($832)
  • Paid 5 collection accounts ($1153.00)
  • Paid off 2 car loans ($3,190)
  • Paid off my credit cards ($ 680)

The Results of February's great work:

TU: 532- up 8 points

EQ: 542- up 38 points

EX: 579- up 19 points

Utilization: 1%

Last inquiry: Sept 2012

What’s left:

5 Collection accounts ($3,300)


 March Goals:

  1. PIF- 4 collection accounts ($3050) TU
  2. CLI- Cap One
  3. Become debt FREE!!!!!!! 
  4. Learn how to create GW letters (I'm a little lost with this one)


What actually happened in March:

  1. PIF collection accounts (have 1 left on TU 1 left on EX)
  2. Completed CLI on Cap One card ;-)
  3. Bought a new car (bad girl) I should take it back.
  4. Racked up 7 inquires getting the car (BAD)
  5. So NO credit card debt!!! Yay!!!
  6. Waiting on 3 accounts to update with the correct balance. (Expecting another boost)


The results of March’s roller coaster: 4/9/2013

TU: 571 - up 39 points

EQ: 583 – up 41 points

EX: 595 – up 16 points


April Goals:

  1. Keep my *** in the garden
  2. Dispute the last paid collection on my credit file
  3. Control my spending ( I like to shop and travel)


House ..... Here I come...

Enough Income……... check

Down payment……... check

Credit..........................Hummm..... ..  awh heck ...At least I'm on track.. LOL 45 to 69 points to go


Starting Score: EQ 504, TU 524, Quizzle 560 Feb 2013
Current Score: EQ 650, TU 679 , EX 667 (1/19/15) All FiCO
Goal Score: 690
Official home owner as of Nov 2013 (Thanks to All of You)
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Re: April Check In Thread

March was a pretty good month for me! All of the CCs that were paid off in Feb are updated and I saw a great score increase. I finally checked my actual FICO scores and I was at 673 TU and 631 EQ. Which is wonderful considering when I got my FAKOs on the EQ site I was 557 TU, 534 EQ, 557 EX in Feb. I'm getting things in order to apply for a mortgage. As a matter of fact I'm applying tomorrow. I'm a little nervous but I know where my scores are, I've researched the options available, and the information I've gotten on the forums has been so helpful. So wish me good luck!

Starting Score: 557 EQ 3/6/13
Current Score: 699 TU Wal-Mart 5/13/13
Goal Score: 700

Lender Pull 4-12-13 EQ 631 TU 679 EX 681
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CapOne Visa, CapOne MC, OrchBank, BoA Platinum Visa, First Premier, Belk, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Fingerhut
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Re: April Check In Thread

Hello dodfire,


I saw your post and was just wonderding if you had all of those cards and if so, do they all have balances? I would like to put cards on my signature too. How do you determine that it is time for Gardening?



Starting Score: 615
Current Score: 632
Goal Score: 742

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Re: April Check In Thread

Moving along pretty well this month.  Just saw that my EQ jumped a few points to 738.  6 Months ago I was mid 600's across the board and am now in the 700 club as a result of reading and following suggestions on this board.  We are in the process of a mortgage, so the raised scores ahve really helped the process.   Have come a long way from a 606 two years ago!

Starting Score: 606 EQ 2/11
Current Score: 738 EQ - 4/13, 702 TU - 3/13, 729 EX - 3/13 (Lender Pulled)
Goal Score: 700 Club

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