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How to get at top part of range

Hi, I'm brand new to this forum and determined to remedy some credit problems that occurred following my divorce.
I signed up for all three reports and have played the "what happens if I do this" game.
If I pay $500 a month for the next six months on my BofA card, my EQ rating will go from 595 to 675 to 715. What I want to know is how do I get it to the 715, rather than having it hang at 675? Any recommendations greatly appreciated.
Also, there's a huge range on my scores.
EX score 661
TU score 641
EQ score 595
Wow! 66 points between EX and EQ. How can I pull EQ up to EX level?
Also, why is my FICO score my EQ score rather than showing the much higher EX or TU scores?
Lots of questions but your help is very much appreciated.
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Re: How to get at top part of range

If you bought score watch they currently are working with EQ. They are trying to work with TU next. I agree that would be great if we could monitor all 3 scores with Score Watch.

I am assuming that you bought your 3 scores from MyFICO? If these came from MyFICO they are all FICO scores. If you bought them from EX or TU they are not FICO scores.

Please list all account types, balances, credit lines and debt for each. List all lates on each card. Thanks.
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Re: How to get at top part of range

As pizza said... It's pretty much up to the CRA's how much they want to cooperate with myFICO. EX and TU are still trying (and succeeding) to get people to buy their FAKO scores.

The simulator isn't gospel, although you can get some idea of what's working for you and where you still have problems. One thing to note: when it says to pay down balances over 24 months (or however long), they're trying to say "Pay them down and keep them down over 24 months." If you can pay more initially, your scores will rise more quickly --you don't have to drag it out. But some things simply take time, such as aging of new accounts, along with aging of late payments, unless you can beg (GW) the creditor into no longer reporting them.

But yes, please, post what you've got, and you'll get plenty of opinions.
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Re: How to get at top part of range

The age of your credit cards also please. That's also factored into the FICO scoring models.
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