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Alert contains duplicate items


Alert contains duplicate items

I received an alert for a balance increase.  I login to view the alert and under changes to your credit report, it shows the same card 2 times.  Anyone know why?


This isn't the first time for this either.

Current Score:EQ-660 (FICO) / TU-677 (FICO) (3/10/14)
6/8/12 Score:EQ-640 / TU-650 / EX-656 (All FICO Lender Pulls 6/8/12)
6/5/12 Score:EQ-640 / TU-638 / EX-656 (All FICO Lender Pulls 6/5/12)
6/1/12 Score:EQ-640 (FICO) / TU-618 (FICO) /EX-670 (FAKO)
Starting Score:EQ-542 TU-574 (4/30/2012)
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myFICO Employee

Re: Alert contains duplicate items

The reason you received two alerts for the same account is because two types of alerts were triggered: one alert for a balance amount increase, the second alert was for a balance percentage increase. If you examine the descriptions carefully, you'll see the two different types of alerts. To change your alert settings/thresholds, please logon at , scroll down and click on the Score Watch link; then click on the "Settings" tab.

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