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FICO Monitoring Deficiency


Re: FICO Monitoring Deficiency

cashnocredit wrote:

Sebago wrote:

Yes - but click on Products - Quarterly Monitoring and it states:


Personal Identity Data Monitoring Protect your identity

Reduce your risk of identity theft which affects 11.6 million Americans annually. We’ll conduct daily monitoring of online sources where compromised social security number, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers and other personal data could be found, traded or sold, reducing your potential exposure to identity theft. Daily monitoring of 400 data sources for new information tied to your identity:

  • Changes to name, date of birth, or social security number
  • Newly listed addresses, phone numbers and employers
  • Newly opened accounts and recent applications for new credit
  • Recent increases in account balances and accounts in bad status
  • Newly listed public records, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, and tax liens
  • Newly listed collection company records


This leads one to believe it's checked Daily - not quarterly.





Unfortunately, I don't know personally if MyFico products send out alerts. All my apps have or had inqs on EX so I guess whatver Inqs they monitor it's not ones on EX.


I did get an alert when Citi changed my CC type from a regular revolver to a "Flex Spend" revolver and that's just a change in the comment field. Go figure.

I confirm that Score Watch sends out alerts. For Quarterly Monitoring, I confirm the negative - never received a single alert from them.


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