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Issue with SW Alets

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Issue with SW Alets

Ok so I've had ScoreWatch for about a week or so now. Both times new cards (both USAA) were added to my EQ report, or my FICO score changed since I activated Score Watch, the alerts haven't shown up UNTIL I used a score power report.


First time, new account, USAA Visa posted last week on the 26th, and EQ fixing an old charge-off to report correctly, on my EQ, the couple next days no text messages/emails and nothing on my Alerts tab.  So I used my first free score power report on the 28th and the alerts finally showed up when I used my second free score report. Keep in mind these were already showing on my EQ.


So yesterday (8/2) I called customer service as my new account posted to my EQ (pulled from USAA and EQ back door) on  sunday or monday, yet my last alert was still on the 28th (which the CSR acknowledged), a week prior. CSR gave me a credit for a new score power, which I used, and after I used the score power an alert for 8/1 showed up on my account for my new USAA Amex, which wasn't there before!


Then I received an email back from tech support essentially saying "well it looks like your alert's there so everything seems fine, thanks for using myFico." But the problem is, my alerts don't actually show up on my account when they happen, and it's frustrating since I don't plan on buying score power reports every time I want to see changse to my score, which is what I'm paying $15/mo for 3 locked-in months for.


FWIW, my score alert is, and has been, set to one point above my current score.


Any ideas?

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Re: Issue with SW Alets

yes; always have your alert score set to your current score.

I get 2 alerts a week, minimum without fail.

5/2012: 560 credit scores across the board
12/2014 750+
3/2017 780+
5/2017 800+
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Re: Issue with SW Alets

These guys at Tech Support don't get it or don't want to listen... this is the response I got back:


Dear XXXX,

Thank you for contacting us. The alert date is 08/01/2012 and not 08/02/2012 when you requested the new report.

myFICO Customer Care


how many times do I have to tell (4 so far) them that the alert on 08/01/2012 DID NOT show up until AFTER I pulled the score watch report on 08/02/12??? which is the SAME THING that happened on 07/28/12, not getting the alert until immediately after pulling a scorewatch report.... it's like the alerts are in pending status and post after the report is pulled

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