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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

I guess a better credit score helps you get a better price on car insurance right? So maybe you guys know something about car insurance.. 


I've gotten my credit score pretty decent now but I have never had ny kind of auto insurance in my life so the rated I get quoted are absolutely rediculous.. Insanely expencive..


What can I do to break into cheap auto insurance? Like build my insurance score or whatever..


I was thinking that I could just regiter and insure a motorycle for cheap way into insurance so I can get some "history" or however that works, so I wouldn't be a first time insurance buyer when I go to insure a car.

Would that work? Any good tricks to get out of paying rediculously expencive insurance to start off with? 


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Re: Auto Insurance

Well I hate to be the bearer of bad news but auto insurance isn't quite like that. It is very true that having no auto insurance does create for some very high rates. While I am not an expert here, I don't think having motorcycle insurance will help solve the problem. Perhaps you can try to get a non owners auto insurance policy from the likes of State Farm or AAA (in some states)? Non owners policies can be much cheaper and that way you will be able to answer yes to do you currently have coverage. Another pro tip: buy more than state minimum.

Also it can just be that you are young or live in the wrong part of the country. As an example a 20 year old living in Detroit is going to have insane rates no matter what. Where do you live and how old are you? Also what do you define as very expensive?
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Re: Auto Insurance

Shop around!


In my 19 year old (at the time) daughters case GEICO was about 1/3 the price of Progressive!


Regarding credit score and insurance some (not sure if all) insurance companies will allow you to ask to not be rated on your credit score.  If your score is bad this helps if it's good it hurts.

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Re: Auto Insurance

Like an above poster mentioned, I don't think getting motorcycle insurance will really help your cause for insurance costs. Insurance has a lot of factors into play beyond just your credit score, I don't know the exact percent the score impacts your quote though.


History is big, but in this case since you do not have any, that's a red flag to them.. as you're unpredictable. I did not see your age/gender, that's also another flag for them. Obviously vehicle is huge too, as they look at what the car would cost to fix/ultimately total the vehicle. Even stuff like location hits you. Then obviously no brainer ones like prior moving violations affect it, but in this case im assuming that doesn't count.


YMMV, but I recommend taking not only shopping around but check out the newer aged options where they track your driving/present a price point off it. Root is an example, though I do not know if you have coverage while you do their driving trial? 


Good luck!

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Re: Auto Insurance

Late 20's, male, rural small town northern Michigan, no points or accidents, 750 ficos, have a CDL-A and chauffeur, no insurance history.. 

They are wanting mid 200's a month for basically any car for legal minimum insurance- rediculous..


I figure my only problem is having no insurance history so maybe getting motorcycle insurance in my name for a year or 2 would solve the history problem as cheaply as possible?


I also thought about starting with classic car insurance to get some history as cheaply as possible.. Or a motorhome? 

I have a bike, a motorhome, and a bunch of cars. All paid for, never had any auto loan or any loan other than an alliant ss loan to build credit.. 

I just need to break into getting my own insurance..



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Re: Auto Insurance

Well there's part of your problem right there. MI has the highest (or second highest) rates in the nation.


That said, I'll repeat that insurance doesn't work how you are imagining. Having motorcycle insurance won't build your "insurance history" like a credit report. Classic car would help (assuming you get liability insurance on those classic cars) as would a non-owners policy (which may not be possible if you own a bunch of cars).


I don't really understand how you are brand new to insurance if you live in a rural area and own a bunch of bikes/motorhomes/cars, but I digress...

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Re: Auto Insurance

How does it work then?

What is the smart way to build insurance history?

Or do they just have you in a trap to **bleep** you and their is nothing you can do about it?

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Re: Auto Insurance

Bite the bullet and get the minimum required car insurance.  If you have illegally  dodged buying required car insurance for  all these years, no wonder they are suspicious.


You are trying to "game" the system, how about playing it straight?

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Re: Auto Insurance

You have never insured any of your various vehicles??

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Re: Auto Insurance

I haven't done anything illegal. WTH


"Game the system"? 

Isn't this entire forum about "gaming the system"? - Yeah..


Or are you just pissy to see someone not throwing away thousands and thousands of dollars on car loans like you?

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