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Help Me Understand...

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Help Me Understand...

I pull and pay for all three credit reports and scores,

EQ 664, EXP 637, TU 666


My lender says my FICO scores are 

EQ 625, EXP 594, TU 606


Um? Really?!


My mortage reports to all three

My car loan reports to EQ & TU, Not EXP - which is my lowest & why I want to add hubby's auto by the time the bureaus report on the 1st

I have 3 revolving accounts, all but one reporting to EXP


I have disputes going on with all three as well, so I can't dispute anymore until they are finished.


My car loan is older than the other auto loan I speak of, but my husband's credit is 100 & so points higher... Is there a way I can ask my lender to manually update and see if it would help and then take it off if not? But then the questions comes, why wouldn't a good account help my standing?


I thought more good accounts were good? It's over a year?

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Re: Help Me Understand...

Fico still has other formulas for lenders based on the type of credit you are applying for.  There is an auto-enchanced formula FICO score that does not sell but is accessible to auto lenders. showed me having 804 for my credit scores but when I went to get my auto loan it was 775 auto-enchanced. 


Lenders can choose who they report to.  They are not required to report to all 3.  I have an auto loan that has never been reported to Equifax and one lender decided to stop reporting to Experian shortly before my loan had ended.  This means it looks like I still have an open auto loan account even though I paid if off.


Lenders can't just decide to update your report and get a new score.  It gets its information from the bureaus.  Similarly, they can't just add you to an account to see if it would help you or not and then take you off.  You have to be a co-signer when the auto loan is originated, refinanced or you have to take over the loan (if lender permits).



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Re: Help Me Understand...

I am a cosigner since day one. Oddly enough its only reporting to my husbands CR not mine...


But a lender can update the bureau if the information is wrong and I would get a new score from a manual update, correct?

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