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Refinance or app for CC first?

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Refinance or app for CC first?

So I've cleaned up my reports considerably these last 2 months, even though I have yet to see a significant score bump, and have reduced my util from 98% to 9%. I'm at 619 eq fico currently and expecting a considerable score increase (hopefully). I want to be able to buy a house within a year but want to refi my car loan first. Im at 18% APR. Should I refi and sit on things until Im ready to buy? I currently have Cap 1 $1500 cl, FP $300 cl with a 30 day late 1 1/2 yrs ago, FP $350 cl with 2 30 day lates 1 1/2 yrs ago. I want to try for a walmart card before I get a house. Is getting another CC to help build up my credit a good idea?

I do have a paid auto loan with several lates, and 2 paid bank loans with numerous 120 day lates on my CR?

What should I do first?
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Re: Refinance or app for CC first?

When are you aiming for a home?

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