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Reputable Online Lender- Student auto

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Reputable Online Lender- Student auto

Theres just far to much information to keep digging through.


I'm looking for somewhere likely to lend before I start getting HP's and denials.


I make around 22k as far as income by pay will go. I am in school and won't graduate till god knows when... (jk, maybe 4-5 more years)

Add is someone who might consider the 15k from student loans.


I don't pay rent, or utilities atm (kinda a problem). I had one car loan before, so old its not anywhere reported.


Other then that the rest is about my report and stuff on there.

I'm worried like before with WF the DTI ratio is off because of loans deffered to graduation.


So anyone had success not getting hassled with an online lender?

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Re: Reputable Online Lender- Student auto

I wouldn't worry about denials; auto-inquiries get rolled up from a scoring perspective to count as one (even though they are listed individually on one's credit report) if done within a short time-period (30 days for the most dominant FICO version currently).


I'm not sure how student loans count in a F&I arrangement; however, in your situation I might just go down to a dealer... though I'd still check with local CU's first.  No real reason not to.  Online, lendingtree was pretty good for me, and according to reports has gotten better too.


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